Nicolas Cage – Valley Girl Scene!


Custom Build – Three Bedroom Two Bath Lego Suburban Home [CC]

Hello, Jaystepher here with my Three Bedroom, Two Bath Lego Suburban Home. It took me a month the complete, and I must say it’s packed with lots of new featuresIt took me a month the complete, and I must say it’s packed with lots of new featuresthat I’ll show you guys here. Well, let’s take […]

UPDATE – Lego Elementary School: Eighth Update [CC]

Greetings from Jaystepher and this is my latest update on the schooland got the second story done. It’s all completed. Take a look at the sides here. You can see I got these smaller windows. These are the classrooms here. The same on both sides. Here’s looking down. I least got some of it tiled. […]

Custom Build – Lego Simple Farm House [CC]

Hey everyone!Jaystepher here with my latest custom build. This is my Simple Farm House. It was inspired after Michael Myers’ housein the Halloween movie series. I got a nice covered porch. Siding. I like the flower beds in the frontand the railings. Lots of detail went in to the front this. Let’s have a look […]

CUSTOM BUILD – 3 Bedroom 2 Bath Lego Home [CC]

Alright, here’s a Lego houseI’ve actually been working on for the last monthand I’ve finally pretty much have got it done. I know weighs a lot. I know it’s got a lot of pieces. I’m not sure exactly how the count goes,but it’s a complete two-storythree bedroom two-and-a-half bath homewith formal living room, dining room, […]

Bathroom Cleaning Tips : How to Clean a Porcelain Sink

Hi, this is Ann Myrick, and today I’m going to show you how to clean a porcelain sink. The important thing is to know what type of cleanser to use, you want to use a non-abrasivecleanser. Household products would be like a vinegar and water-base, or also you coulduse commercial, something like a 409, a […]

Applying Retro Planet’s Wall Decals – Prep & Precautions

of whether you burn purchase some or all the house or just the this video and some other ones the Paul will give you all the information me to acquire pones tu wong house are all he has a very easy to apply and only a few very common household tools the president Mamadou disrepair […]

Eating and Using the Bathroom

the as astronauts you might think we like super people and I we never need the we never need to go to bathroom and or we never need to shower but were actually all human beings are pretty much the same so aboard the space station it’s just like on planet Earth yes you have […]

Tutorial – Creating A Custom Lego Home – Full Bathroom [CC]

Today we’re going to be installing the bathroom in my Lego custom creator house,Today we’re going to be installing the bathroom in my Lego custom creator house,and a lot of you have been asking mehow do I build a toilet?Well first thing’s first is I got to figure out where am I going to put […]

Tutorial – Lego Guest Bathroom [CC]

Jaystepher presentsa complete tutorial on a guest bathroomcomplete with vanity with mirror,complete with vanity with mirror,lights,block-glass window,toilet with toilet paper holder,and a shower tub witha shower curtain. Let’s get started. First thing that I’m going to need is a base plate to put my bathroom on. I’m going to take an 8 by 16 pate. […]